Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Internet Addiction

Let me start out by saying that I am not against Internet platform. It is one of the most powerful medium to get across your opinion and bring together people with common purpose. Many of the recent revolution’s success are attributed to this medium.But now, most of it is just noise, noises from inane and nonessential information which compete against our blink time.
The explosion of information on the internet had given us the opportunity to be entertained round the clock. That in turn has taken over most of us with a need to be entertained all the time. This need has seeped so deeply, that now we don’t know any other way of living. We get too bored too quickly. Social encounters are a little more awkward than they used to be. Clicking the like button on that picture looks much easier than complimenting in person. Our Updates or our ideas need to be validated by the audience we hardly know. While all of this is a boon for an introvert, it has trudged many extroverts into extinction.

Monday, February 27, 2017

My Peter Pan -Story Part 4

Back to the Present

The Clock struck 12am.

Happy birthday to me! And like a Cinderella story I was back from the magical world into my real world.

My Peter Pan - Story Part 3

Peter Pan and Aerial

can still remember my farewell night, clear as a pole star in the dark sky of night.
School Auditorium was decorated with big Golden curtains for the batch of 1980. Silver stars hung low from the ceiling between the white cotton clouds. Colored lights glowing around the main dance floor giving a feel of a dreamy world.

My Peter Pan: Story Part 2

The Discovery

Clock struck 11:15pm

The night was as calm as a sea before a storm. Not a whisper of the winds or chips of the crickets.Just a faint howl of the owl . I tiptoed past the grandma's room , to the main hall and down in the corridor that lead to the store room. Long Dark corridor Stood gloomily in front of me .

My Peter Pan- Story Part 1


When her 15th birthday turns out to be a complete disaster , she reluctantly joins her parents to her grandma house with whom she share her birthday. This was going to be her most boring birthday ever until she remembered an old memory in grandma's house and embarked upon a discovery which took her to a different Time zone.