Monday, February 27, 2017

My Peter Pan- Story Part 1


When her 15th birthday turns out to be a complete disaster , she reluctantly joins her parents to her grandma house with whom she share her birthday. This was going to be her most boring birthday ever until she remembered an old memory in grandma's house and embarked upon a discovery which took her to a different Time zone.

The Journey

It is destiny's charm, they said, that I shared my birthday with my grandma. And I believed same until I got a boyfriend and was still dragged here on my birthdays. It's not like the worst thing that could have happened to me, but it still irritated me. I mean celebrating your birthday at your grandma's old house was nice when I was eight, but at 15 I needed my own space. Which by the way my mother had tough time understanding. I love her, but sometimes she can be so pushy. "It's not you, it's your hormones" this was her pet dialogue to win over any argument.

Although considering that my birthday was any way ruined due to my recent breakup with my boyfriend, I cared less where and what celebrations were going to be. But for my family, it was a big deal. Not because it was MY15th birthday but because it was grandma's 80th birthday. She has singlehandedly brought up our huge family after grandfather died at very young age. Yes, we have a huge family, with Five uncles and three aunts and in total 19 cousin brothers and sisters. None of the other cousins were coming as either they were geographically far away or plain stubborn or lucky enough not to share their birthday's with grandma.
I signed as I packed my bag to leave that afternoon.

What would I do between all the elderlies in the house? Probably get bored to death.

With a knock on the door, mom peeped inside the room.

"All ready?" she asked looking around the mess in my room

"Yaa in a minute. It's not like we are going to miss any fun" I said insipidly.

"Everything is not about party, She is getting old. This might be her last birthday" she came inside and sat on my bed.

"You say that every year mom! And you don't need to emotionally blackmail me. I'm already coming ok?" I said irritated. That's the thing with my mom. If nothing works she will use emotional blackmail. Exactly the reason I don't update her on my love life. Not that it's very happening right now.

" okay relax! you sure are cranky today." She eyed me suspiciously and thought of asking about it, but her better judgment stopped her from it.
"Just so you know, it means the world to your grandma, that you will be there" she said as she closed the door behind. Sudden guilt ached my heart.

Dam this conscious!

By afternoon, we started for Grandma's house.I always have liked the journey to her house. Jennifer Grandma's house is in this typical neighborhood where backyards are usually vast reserved forest area.A huge swing was set in the back and we all cousins will climb on it at once to see it's strength. It never broke off. We all really enjoyed grandma's stories and would sit late at night listening to her . She was a very imaginative person . If we were to believe the Rumor mill , she had the beauty of angels at her time with many proposals at hand. The fact that she was a lawyer in her time gave only added to her fame.

Around 6 pm we circled around the lane at the end of which her house stood tall. I don't know what it was but it always felt like I was approaching something majestic and mystic.House had a rustic yet homely feel to it.It had a mysterious aura around it like there was more to this place than meet the eyes.During summer vacations, all of the cousins would gather on the porch she will tell us the stories of her golden times. Those were the good old childhood days.

The car stopped near front porch as grandma approached from behind the door. Her eyes glittered, as she watched me got down from the car.

"Ah my favorite grandchild is here, now there is going to be some fun on my birthday" she kissed my forehead circling me in a tight hug. I hugged her back. Her enthusiasm has always been contagious, even at crappy times likes these.
She smiled widely at me as she whispered "Thank god you came, I was getting so bored between all these oldies" she said pointing out at my uncles and aunt who had already arrived there. We chuckled at our secret joke.

By night time, it became very clear what an exciting birthday I was going to have. There was going to be a handmade cake by my aunts and a musical program by Aunt and Uncle.
Just Wonderful! I thought sarcastically.
Oh, I could just kill myself right now. I placed my bag in the room and checked my mobile. Signal is just so terrible in here. Tonight I will turn fifteen between the most boring people. No offense but a girl needs friends of her age to enjoy such special occasions. I hate all my cousins for escaping from this ordeal. I lay back on my bed bored.I looked out at the stairs that went down in the main hall and Then further down to the basement.My mind wandered into the old memories in this house where my brothers and I used to go on exploration adventure in the storeroom and pick out old stuff from there .And suddenly like a flash, I remembered something very interesting.

How could I forget about this? I thought excitedly. Today could be the perfect opportunity for it. None of my cousins are here so chances of getting caught are meek and no one else will get up before tomorrow late morning . Even if someone gets up by midnight to wish ,I will have time to accomplish my age-old desire. It is a wonder what a bored mind can conspire. My fun activity of the birthday was planned. My heart pounded with excitement as I quietly waited for the nightfall until everyone was fast asleep. May be this birthday is not going to be that bore as i thought it to be.

You can find the full story at below site.
Peter Pan from Pandora's Box (#OnceUponNow)

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