Monday, February 27, 2017

My Peter Pan -Story Part 4

Back to the Present

The Clock struck 12am.

Happy birthday to me! And like a Cinderella story I was back from the magical world into my real world.

Oh I would so much like to read more of this , I cannot just keep it back now. But I cannot just sit here and read it, anyone could get up now. The image of grandma in that Aerial dress was too exciting to sleep with it. This was a whole new side of my grandma. I could imagine her as a young and peppy self, full of life. Halfheartedly I kept the diary back in its original place as I pepped in the hallway before walking back to my room and wrapped myself in blanket, wondering about the other peter pan she referred to in her life. My break up did not felt that bad of a deal right now. Looked at the window behind my bed and cracked opened it. The warm breeze filled the room. A smiled tugged my face as I slept with that magical story embedded in my memory forever.

Next morning I got up peppier than ever. Mom was surprised to see my sudden change in mood but did not ask the reason. She was just happy that I was finally getting along. Living Room was lightly decorated with balloons and happy birthday caption hung on the wall behind the dining table on which birthday cake was placed.

"Happy birthday grandma!" I almost shouted in excitement as if my favorite movie star has just stepped into the living room.

"Happy birthday my dear "she place a loving kiss on my fore head and looked into my eyes keenly " look like someone had a long night "

It wonders me how sharp is her observation even at this age.

"Just birthday excitement I guess " I replied sheepishly looking down .

"Mother, this is from all of us "my uncles placed a beautifully carved wooden rack in front of her .

"Oh my, this is just beautiful" she kissed each of my uncle's foreheads.

" And this is for you from all your uncle and aunts" mom handed me and iPhone box. I very humbly said thanks to which again my mom was surprised. She thought I would jump out of the walls. But after last night nothing seemed more exciting than my grandma's diary.

"Here is something for my princess" grandma took out gift wrapped in golden cover with red bow and handed it to me. My eyes split wide open ,as I unwrapped it.

"It's your diary grandma!" I spoke in shock. A small grass ring was placed between the front page of the diary.

This was not there last night! I thought confused. I looked up at the grandma.

"Now somebody has to inherit this family treasure and who else apart from my birthday twin to share my secrets with" she winked at me.

"Oh so unfair, you never let us even touch that thing " mom resorted at grandma jealously.

"Too bad for you dear, you were not born on same date as your daughter darling, Jennifer the second"

Oh yes, I shared the same name as well, and I wished someday I share her spirit of life and the desire to live it up like she did.

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