Saturday, May 13, 2017

Birth Of a Mother

When do we feel like mothers? It’s not always when we conceive a child or when we deliver them. It’s usually when we realize that an utterly helpless and tiny being is hopelessly depended upon us for their every need. They clutch onto us with the power seeming too great for them to possess and cry like the world is ending, just for a hug from us. They look a little bit like us and act a little bit like us. Their innocent ways dig hooks deep into our hearts and suddenly everything seems truly worth it. It’s then that we are born as a mother and brave against unthinkable to guard them with our life.
We could go behind the science that gave this motherly instinct to every female species on this earth, but then why credit the hormones for this magical feeling. Why waste time to analyze something that we have so little time to enjoy. So here is an ovation to all the lucky people of this world who were born as mothers.
A Happy Mother’s day

Love Priyanka

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