Saturday, May 13, 2017

Good night little one

The lighting thundered through the dark of the night and rain pelted like rocks on the roof of the house. Beeku peeped through the cover of his blanket into the dark night. Lighting created shadows of monster on his walls. Another loud crackle of thunder and he threw himself into the arms of his mother.

She looked at him with a smile.
“What happened?” she looked into his terrified eyes.
“There are monster fighting outside” Beeku pulled the covers over his head.
“ Why do you say that? It is just lightening” She pulled him closer.
“Why is there such bright lights and sound when its lightning?” Beeku asked still shaken. It was already past Beeku’s bedtime, so her mother thought to wrap it up in a bed time story.
 “Oh that is just God cleaning away the dust in the sky”
“Cleaning?”  He eyes his mother suspiciously. He was smarter than what his mother thought him to be.
“Hmm, yes. He is making his kids do the task, since it’s they who created all those clutters of black clouds around the sky” she looked at Beeku meaningfully.
 “Ohh , which kids created those clouds?” Beeku asked innocently.
“The ‘sun’ and the ‘water’ ones. Sun was just having fun boiling up the water up the sky all day and clouds came into being. They cluttered and cluttered until whole sky was dark. So finally now they are washing it back down as rain”
“But I don’t see sun cleaning this up there now” he looked out in the dark.
“Oh you will see him in the morning, once he cleans up all his mess it will be much easier to see him” She explained to Beeku.
“Why is there so much of noise and light?”
“When you put all the toys in the box it makes noise right? In the same way when they try to shift things around, it makes thunder. And lightning is just God throwing torch on earth to inspect if there is anything left to be washed out below.”
“What would have happened if they did not clean it up?” Beeku asked thoughtfully. Probably wondering what type of punishment does God gives to his own kids.
“Well then clouds will be just getting piled up and when they finally clean it will be much louder noise, rain and lighting. Sometimes they had to clean for days to come and you would not be able to play outside” Mother explained lovingly.
Beeku looked out for a minute and then turned to his mother” I hope they would clean up before tomorrow morning. I want to play in a clean playground”
“I am sure they will be done by that time” she kissed him and tucked him back in the bed.
“Good night Mom” he called out as she switched off the lights in the room.
She came out to find Beeku’s father standing outside the door.
“Where do you come up with these stories?”
“Oh well, I guess imagination strikes when you become a mother” She smiled at him.
“Good, I am going to send him to you when he asks how are babies born” He grinned at her.

She took a deep breath and thought, What all a mother has to endure? 

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