Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Father's Day

There is a hero without a cape, in every kid’s life.
Who hold our hands, while we walk for the very first time.
In the depth of dark nights, he sang us lullabies
And in panting hot afternoons, he fixed our toys.
He was that push behind our cycles, that we peddled with pure delight,
And those high shoulder, that were our designated ride.
He was our first play date and partner in our covet crimes.
He would throw us high in the air and then catch us right on time.
He relived his childhood with ours and gave us piggy rides.
The mastermind of late night cookies and ice cream heists.
He would let us fall ,to learn what it felt like
But then would smile and tell us, it’s quite alright.
We mirrored his walk and talk and all that style
He was Ironman, Superman and everything that is strong combined.
It was good to have a mix of love and tough-love in our life
While Moms would always call us back home,Dads would always ask us to fly high.

Happy fathers day.

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