Wednesday, February 6, 2019

It's All About The Click - Free Book Chapter

"You get one call. Make it quick." The constable gave me a malicious grin as he pointed to the telephone on the desk in front of me. He was probably too happy to have a woman sitting in the police station so late in the night. I drew in a deep breath and dialed the phone. 
"Hello?" Tanu's tense voice came through the phone.
"Meetu?!" Her voice rose in alarm "Where the hell are you? It's almost midnight! The groom's family has already arrived. Everyone's asking for you!"
"What?!" I bit my nails nervously. The groom's family weren't expected until much later. Why did everything have to become worse when I was already in the middle of a gargantuan crisis? Why?!
"Well, they are early. But where are you?!" I could feel Tanu's frustration and rising panic. I wasn't the sort to stay out so late ever. Least of all today.
I hesitated. "Ummmm . . . police station . . ."