About Me

I have been a closet writer all my life and the top shelf of my wardrobe has always been stacked to the brim with half written books that I have been working on for years.

Apart from being a full time wife and a Mother of a toddler, I am an IT professional, who found my passion in writing at early age.Having my cultural roots in Lucknow, born and bought up in Rajasthan and finally getting married to a south Indian, I bring my hilarious and thought provoking experiences to my quirky writing.

I am an enthusiastic member of toastmasters club and credit myself as a good debater; an obvious disadvantage for my husband. I share my passion for writing with my mother, who is also my toughest critic. My work has been published in Museindia magazine and my short story has been in top three for Times of india Writing contest.

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